Hello Friends and Customers,

I would like to extend a huge Thank You to all our customers, both Wholesale, Retail, and web orders. Whitefish Pottery has stopped making its line of pottery after 25 years! 26 years ago, when I started the Whitefish Pottery line of functional stoneware, I never thought it would be so successful!

Whitefish Pottery and The Stillwater Gallery located on Central Ave. in Whitefish, MT will remain open but with a little different look moving forward. We are currently bringing in new lines of pottery and new artists to fill the store and gallery!

At this time, any remaining Whitefish Pottery from the warehouse has been taken to the Downtown Retail Store. If you wish to check to see what we might have left in terms of WFPottery, call the store at 406-862-1417. If the gals don’t answer right away, it’s because they are helping other customers. Please try again or leave a message.

Thank you all once again!

Tom the Potter